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Project Associates has engineered the power systems, lighting, and grounding for new and renovated industrial facilities and processes since 1985. But we’d like to tell you what we’ve been doing lately...and why it’s important.

We help our clients to improve worker safety. Our plant power distribution system modeling, arc flash hazard analysis, and arc flash energy mitigation result in safer workplaces for our clients’ employees and contractors.

We help our clients identify...and put into place...ways to save energy. Our electrical engineers stay current on the developments and application opportunities for power conditioning, energy saving lighting systems, and motor control technologies. We’ll help you identify possible areas for savings, and implement the ideas that are a good fit for your plant floor.

We help our clients minimize downtime. With input from you, we’ll design power distribution systems to optimize flexibility in isolating equipment via lockout/tagout/verify procedures when equipment maintenance, repair, or replacement is performed.


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